Dina N.

“Olga helped me heal from within just from one session! It was an issue that I struggled with for years! She is so compassionate, teaches how to be kind to oneself and that, rather than harsh self criticism, can really bring all the positive changes! She is just amazing! I highly recommend her to all my friends!”

Pascalene B.

“Working to improve ones self is never easy! When you find the Ancient Chinese Art of self-healing called Qi Gong performed by a talented, and experience  healer like Olga Pchelintseva-Mares, you are blessed! I have had several wonderful  sessions with her which are essential for my body, soul & mind leaving me with  an extremely happy, and positive experience! Nothing is more precious than our physically & mentally health. I can only encourage others to schedule a session with Olga to experience new beginning for themselves in this new coming Year!”

Anastasia P.

“Olga is a very powerful healer.   Soon after our first meeting, tremendous changes started to take place in my life.  Nothing really worked before–neither trying to change things on my own, nor working with the psychotherapists.   I truly felt that I was incapable to find a solution to my problem and I was gradually getting desperate, loosing interest in life.  My struggle seemed endless and pointless.  I resigned that I will always be suffering.   After several recommendations from my friends who received healing from Olga , I finally confided my thoughts to her.
Olga performed two  healing sessions with me—she was very generous with her time.  She is a great listener and a sincere person with an enormous amount of compassion.  After my healing sessions with her I felt an omnipresent sense peace in myself, which I have not experienced for years.  At the moment i am continuing to work with Olga to preserve the miraculous transformation that took place.  I strongly recommend Olga. I am looking forward to more miracles with her.”

Julian B.

“Olga is one in a million. Here energy and knowledge is outstanding. Having had a number of Qi Gong sessions with her I would highly recommend her to anyone. It will be an eye opening experience.”

Sophie Eustache, Integrative Health Counselor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher in Venice Italy

“Olya has a very successful and powerful approach to heal her patients. I have been receiving treatments from her for over 10 years and each time I benefit from her deep healing knowledge and talent. If it is for tiredness, extreme fatigue, headaches, migraines, I call her to get a good release and healing time so I can function again properly. And I have been sending her my patients to her office or for distance healing getting back great results for them as well what ever the disease or problem is. She will give You a sense of well being and You will learn more about yourself and your “weaknesses” so You can better address those as Olya on top of the Healing, that she will conduct in a very dedicated and profound way, will give You some homework too so You can on your own get better and learn how to regularly pratice some meditation and/or exercises to help You take your body and mind to their optimize state. I definitely recommend Olga as a unique Healer and Teacher. Sat Nam.”

Jenny E.

“Olga has done many treatments on me and Spiritual Healings. She has also worked on my family and friends. I feel so light, connected and happy. Also very enlightened with what she has to share.
I am very happy I have met her and have had all these great treatments.
I look forward to tomorrow’s healing.
She is truly amazing.
Please try her and feel a difference!”