Original Spirit: Becoming You as You

Retreat at White Fence Farm               August 29 – September 2, 2019


Every person on this planet, good or bad, is born with an innate gift of Divine Spark. Every person is born with so many gifts to enjoy, create, serve, flourish, be happy and healthy in this life. Yet each one of us struggles. The bigger the struggle, the more we are looking for ways to overcome it. Qi Gong and Kundalini yoga, Daoist and Kundalini meditations have been my guiding stars to my True Divine Self that is always happy, healthy, light and does not suffer. Our true nature always brings us health and vitality, happiness, wisdom, joy, kindness, balance, peace, love. The world through our true Self is light, all the people are light, and our inner being is a whole Universe in disguise. Our soul is truly wise, pure, all accepting and just above all the things that we go through here on Earth. And just imagine all the people in the world possess this gift of Divinity. The only difference is that not everyone is willing to embody it. Some people are not even aware that they can absolutely incarnate their true self right here in this life.

The sacred and secret arts of Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga survived thousands of years of history. Now, in the most insane and diverse time on the planet we have them available to the public. They are assisting so many people in the world in their growth and transformation. Without these growth and transformation of our mind, emotions and body, this life on Earth becomes very very heavy.


Effects of Practices


  • This retreat is devoted to purifying our minds, bodies and spirits through precious qi gong and kundalini yoga techniques.
  • By purifying our subconscious, we can change the programming of our mind and start making conscious and positive decisions and actions.
  • By purifying our channels we release stagnant energy that keeps us in negative memory loop.
  • We transform our traumas, that are long held in our bodies, hearts and minds.
  • By moving our bodies in a gentle water-like flow, we learn what it means to let go of control and allow the flow in our lives.
  • We learn to connect to who we truly are and we learn to trust our Divine self.
  • By connecting to Mother Nature we learn that our mind and heart do not have to rush.
  • By practicing Rebirthing techniques, we have a chance to remove electromagnetic, subconscious, emotional blocks that were created when were still in the womb. We liberate ourselves from the effects of drama and trauma or our parents and events around our prenatal existence.
  • By practicing Zang Fu Gong and healing sounds we clear toxic qi of past emotions that are still stored in our energy channels and organs.
  • By practicing 5 element meditations we harmonize qi between our organs, clear many imbalances in our mind, emotions and body. This means a more harmonious you.
  • By creating an intention and supporting it with energy, we manifest the future that we want.


Auspicious Time


This retreat falls on a New Moon. New Moon – new beginnings. If you thinking of starting a new chapter in your life, this is perfect timing for creating intention, new vision and renewing the energy in your life.


New Skills and Experiences


In this educational and experiential retreat we’ll learn how to:

  1. Connect to your Original Spirit
  2. Create sacred space and support any situation for your highest and greatest good
  3. Feel and move energy in your body and hands
  4. Analyze your imbalances on your own
  5. How to energetically protect yourself
  6. Reprogram your Subconscious
  7. Heal other people with your mind
  8. Send energy through your palms
  9. To heal your organs
  10. How to work with energy so you are less tired during the day
  11. Absorb energy into your body
  12. Develop your intuition
  13. Deeply relax
  14. Practice neutrality
  15. Heal your emotions


Our Practices


Here are the practices that we’ll use:

  • Zang Fu Gong or Organ Cleansing Qi Gong
  • 6 healing sounds
  • 5 element meditation
  • Taoist meditation for protection
  • Celestial qi gong
  • Walking qi gong
  • New Moon Practices
  • Kundalini yoga and meditations
  • Rebirthing practices: to release electromagnetic blocks that were created while you were still in the womb
  • Theory in both traditions



Our Place


White Fence Farm is my home and a very sacred space. It’s located on top of the mountain 90mi NW of New York City. It’s such a beautiful place, that people fall in love with it at first sight! My husband and I run International Riding Camp for girls during the summer on this 62 acre farm and we are surrounded by horses throughout the year. You’ll be able to communicate with them, as well as enjoy our two tennis courts and a heated outdoor pool. I’ve been practicing energy arts, prayer and meditation for about 10 years in this place and the energy here is just amazing! I love it!


Accomodations and Details


There are two options of staying with us during the retreat:

  • In a private room with a jacuzzi in the manor house
  • Shared room in the dorm with bunk beds


What is included into retreat:

  • Classes, practices and teachings
  • Organic vegetarian meals 3 times a day: dinner only on the first day of the retreat; breakfast and lunch only on the last day of the retreat.
  • Accomodations


Available at extra cost:

  • Private life coaching consultations about health, relationships, situations etc
  • Private healing sessions: Qi Gong healing or Sat Nam Rasayan
  • Intuitive readings


What to bring:

  • Comfortable yoga/qi gong clothes
  • Head cover made of natural fabric
  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Notepad and a pen
  • Bathing suit
  • Hiking clothes and shoes
  • Waterproof shoes and jackets if it rains




Manor House:

  • $1,100 before August 1
  • $1,175 starting August 1


  • $850 before August 1
  • $925 starting August 1

A non-refundable deposit of $350 is required for registration to receive a discounted price. A full payment is due by 8/28/10


Payments accepted:

Check made out to

“Blue Lotus Qi Gong”

PO Box 83

Greenfield Park, NY 12435


Paypal at bluelotusqigong@gmail.com. 4.4% will be added to your payment for transaction by paypal.


Retreat Schedule:


  1. 3:00pm August 29 – arrival time at White Fence Farm is
  2. 4:00pm August 29 – retreat starts
  3. 12:00pm September 2 – Retreat ends
  4. 1:00pm September 2 – lunch and goodbyes