Hun Yuan Qi Gong or Primordial Qi Gong


Saturday, November 16, 2019
1:30pm to 4:30pm



  • $55 prepaid
  • $65 the day of the class

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Every person on this planet is born with a Divine seed. Many spiritual masters say the same thing that we are made in the image of the Divinity. Our life experiences leave a mark on us, taking us away from Divinity, purity and innocence, leaving us stuck in anger, disappointment, hopelessness, anxiety and depression. Our way of being, as we go on experiencing life, is more often than not a distorted image of who we truly are. Yet, we still possess that Divine gift, that Divine spark,that stay latent most of the time. Sometimes we are able to bring a small percentage of it into this life and incarnate it. Some people are not even aware of it…


The question is how to bring it out so we don’t struggle in this life, so we flow. By embodying our true Divine nature we can have perfect health, happiness, love, light, unity. In our perfect expression of our Divine self life is a gift. In that transformed state we transform the space around us. We are like a star that illuminates the darkness.


By choosing to transform ourselves through qi gong, we allow hidden dark energies to simply leave our mind, body and spirit. This allows us to feel lighter, happier, have more flow in life, more luck, more opportunities, have a healthy body, a positive mind. And this happens without any mental strain, but through energy flow.


“Hun” translates as “Ethereal Soul”, “yuan” translates as “original spirit”. “This soul is given to us at birth and characterizes our truly good internal nature. We are born with such qualities as eminent light and desire for purity, compassion, order, acceptance, righteousness, wisdom, kindness, love and the desire to enjoy life in the highest way


Hun Yuan Qi Gong is a qigong form, that allows us to work on our God-given virtues through energy work and meditative state. It allows us to clear big pools of energy in our body and circulate energy in the channels. As a result of this practice all functions of hun become more expressed through:

  • Sleep and dreaming

  • Better mental activity

  • Emotional balance

  • Eyesight and intuitive sight

  • Courage

  • Planning and direction in life

  • Spirit travel

  • Ascending to Heaven at death through the Baihui (a point on the crown of the head)


In this workshop you’ll learn the movements, the idea behind them, energy work, but most importantly, you’ll feel how your inner alchemy transforms while practicing Hun Yuan Qi Gong.

Olga Pchelintseva-Mares is a certified qigong and Sat Nam Rasayan healer,  a qigong teacher, a yogi, a musician and entrepreneur. She came to this path as a result of bringing her psoriatic arthritis to remission through the practice of these ancient healing arts in 2009.  She went to multiple qigong and other healing schools afterwards and now she teaches and heals other people. She has created different healing programs to address specific issues like arthritis and childhood traumas that she runs online as well as in person. To learn more about her programs, healings and retreats: