Heart and Womb Healing Intensive


Monday, November 26 at 11am – 1pm EST online only

$49.40 pre-registered
$59.40 the day of



Women are the yin, the receptive ones in the relationships. We give nurturance, but receive the radiance of the man we are with. If that man is less than radiant, we women also receive this as an imprint in our electromagnetic field. Whether it is good or bad, we can always clear our energy, but the heart area keeps that imprint and connection with the man we were sexually active with for the rest of our lives. If he is feeling down, energetically we perceive that and feel down as well. Most of the times we don’t even know why we feel that way. We are women and so used to fluctuations of our moods and emotions, that these things become a norm for us.

But there is another way for us to be, which is being more stable in our emotions and moods by clearing that heart area. In this kundalini yoga class we’ll be clearing our heart arc line and release traumas from he past. By doing that we renew ourselves and strengthen our present relationships that we want to keep. We make ourselves stronger, more attractive to our partner, more pure in our hearts and minds.

Our womb is so deeply connected with the heart. There are internal energetic pathways that connect our heart to womb. That’s why in this class we’ll address that connection and heal our womb through deep journey into ourselves.

Join me for this women’s kundalini yoga and 2 hour meditation intensive to

1. Clear your past and present relationship traumas
2. Heal a broken heart
3. Improve communication with your partner
4. Release all connection to previous lovers
5. Clear your womb from trauma
6. Improve understanding with your partner
7. Restore female arch line
8. Strengthen your relationship with your better half