Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice like yoga that has been a key to empowerment for many people. Qi Gong was available only to selected people. It empowered them by giving them better health, great physical power, mental balance, greater awareness, peaceful heart, intuition and wisdom. Only recently qi gong has been open to the West and it has some amazing tools to cope with 21st century stress, high speed of life, helps process all the information, help cure disease and gain control over your emotions. I encourage you to try these tools, learn and use them for your mind, body and spirit and benefit from them on all levels of your life.

Qi Gong for Performers

Qi Gong is not just a form of exercise, but a way to affect all areas of your life, including daily work, creativity and expression of that creativity through performance arts. Stress and anxiety are usual nuisances to freedom of expression. Luckily there are many tools to allow flow of self-expression that are tested by thousands of years that we call Qi Gong.

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Qi Gong for Athletes

Qi Gong is a very powerful way of enhancing athletic performance. Many thousand years ago it used to be a secret practice of kings and the privileged classes. They kept it a secret, because Qi Gong is an amazing tool for self-empowerment in all aspects of life. It improves health, physical power, energy, emotions, longevity, intuition and aging.

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Qi Gong for Models

Radiant face, skin, vital look, vibrant spirit, strong, healthy and slim body are what all people, but especially models look for. We all look for means to stay looking beautiful and radiant all the time. Alas, this pursuit of beauty can create a lot of pressure for models, trying to stay on top in this highly demanding business.

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